Plant Art

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.48.35 pm

Drosera capensis flower – where I’m putting a bunch of plant profiles and other plant-related stuff.

This is a sketch for part of an assignment. I’m to create a bunch of plant profiles, and I thought, instead of hunting down a bunch of photos (or me trying to take them myself) I thought I might illustrate them instead.

So here’s a sketch for¬†Drosera capensis, AKA: Cape Sundew, a carnivorous plant. This was referenced from my own plant, which has recently been flowering and is currently growing another flower stalk now.




Inspired by amber.

This is part of my Eo-Huar project. The symbol represents “unity” or “world”, it combines symbols for all of the different magical elements. The shadow was interesting to paint.


Environment speed painting

view from lake


Just a fairly quick speed painting. I’m trying to get back into it after lacking motivation for some time, also trying to flex the environmental art muscles a bit, since its something I’ve been neglecting for some time.

This is part of a personal world-building project called Eo-Huar.


Horse Hoof and TV Head

Reference from Wikipedia

Reference from Wikipedia

I’ve been feeling the black and whites lately, and also horses. Always horses. I’ve been needing to work on specific parts of horse anatomy, especially the hooves, and after watching “Inside Nature’s Giants — Racehorse” I’ve got a better understanding of how the hoof does what it does. Still need to brush up on drawing it though.

Here’s a thing I did a little while ago and meant to post it, but never actually got around to it.


I don’t really have an explanation for this one.

Goldfish and Fungi

A goldfish, with mushrooms. Why not?

Creepy goldfish-mushroom-face

Here’s the completed work that I posted the thumbnail for yesterday. I was experimenting with the shading technique that I’d been wanting to try out of a little while now. I’m glad I did, it was a fun experiment and something that I think I might play with again in the future.

The background is a  lesson in why its always a good idea to complete the background first.

In the beginning

In an effort to keep an active, consistently updating website, I’m going blog style. I’ll probably make a secondary, static site with a collection of my artworks, so expect dramatic updates in the coming days.

To christen this blog-site, here’s a tiny peek at my current personal project. Its in bit of a different style to what I usually work in, but its a lot quicker than my usual. Its a technique I’ll definitely be playing with in.

Bubbly scales and Mushrooms


I’ve also been cleaning out and re-organising my computer lately – I got a bit frustrated the way it was before – and looking through some of my older art has been quite fun. I thought, that since this is a new-ish site, I should put up a piece of retrospective art. So here’s one I imaginatively titled “Snake” dated Thursday 11th of November, 2004.

I do love a detailed background

I do love a detailed background

I actually remember doing this one, and I recall being rather pleased with it, and I guess I still am, in a way. Not the work itself specifically, much of my digital work looked like that at the time, but it set me on a digital path, and was a big step in my artistic evolution. Its good to look back at old artwork sometimes, its less painful when the work is 9 or so years old.