Goldfish and Fungi

A goldfish, with mushrooms. Why not?

Creepy goldfish-mushroom-face

Here’s the completed work that I posted the thumbnail for yesterday. I was experimenting with the shading technique that I’d been wanting to try out of a little while now. I’m glad I did, it was a fun experiment and something that I think I might play with again in the future.

The background is a  lesson in why its always a good idea to complete the background first.

In the beginning

In an effort to keep an active, consistently updating website, I’m going blog style. I’ll probably make a secondary, static site with a collection of my artworks, so expect dramatic updates in the coming days.

To christen this blog-site, here’s a tiny peek at my current personal project. Its in bit of a different style to what I usually work in, but its a lot quicker than my usual. Its a technique I’ll definitely be playing with in.

Bubbly scales and Mushrooms


I’ve also been cleaning out and re-organising my computer lately – I got a bit frustrated the way it was before – and looking through some of my older art has been quite fun. I thought, that since this is a new-ish site, I should put up a piece of retrospective art. So here’s one I imaginatively titled “Snake” dated Thursday 11th of November, 2004.

I do love a detailed background

I do love a detailed background

I actually remember doing this one, and I recall being rather pleased with it, and I guess I still am, in a way. Not the work itself specifically, much of my digital work looked like that at the time, but it set me on a digital path, and was a big step in my artistic evolution. Its good to look back at old artwork sometimes, its less painful when the work is 9 or so years old.